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Mill/Drill System BFW 40/E

NO 20165

With controller for speeds of 900 - 6,000 rpm.

The triple ball bearing armature provides direct drive (no gearing). This yields virtually vibration-free operation and extremely high spindle accuracy. Aluminium die-cast head with spindle neck of 43 mm (European standard). Remainder of casing fibreglass reinforced NYLON. Large, easy to use switch with emergency function. Chart indicates optimum speeds for milling and drilling of various materials.

The motor operates at 40 V, supplied from the power pack/controller. At this level, the control characteristics are ideal and yield high torque, even at lower speeds (the compound table, drill stand and clamps are not included). A chuck to suit BFW 40/E is also available.

Technical Data:
Control unit with full wave electronics for 220 - 240 V, 40 VDC secondary voltage. Power consumption up to max. 250 W. Spindle speed infinitely variable between 900 and 6,000 rpm. Complete with triple slit, hardened collets covering 2.35 - 3.0 - 3.2 - 4.0 - 5.0 - and 6.0 mm, as well as spanners. Weight 4.2 kg.

The BFW 40/E is shown here as a tool combination with the Drill Stand BFW 2000 and Cross Table KT 150. Neither tool is included. You will find these items with more detailed descriptions under "Accessories for hand drill machines with 43 mm collar".