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23 068

MICRO Combispeeder set
with self-positioning ring end, 6-piece.

NO 23 068

The 72-tooth inner ring gear, made of special high alloy steel, allows ratcheting even when the spanner can only be moved through 5°. Nevertheless, the torque transmission capacity far exceeds the DIN/ISO standards and this enables the longer design. CrV steel shaft, chrome-plated, with a satin finish to pamper your hands. Clear, laser inscribed sizes avoid any confusion.

The self positioning action of the ring means extreme ease of use, even after being used many times over. The spanner's flexibility remains unmatched. The self positioning action of the ring is ideal for tight locations.

One each 10, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19mm of the long version, in a sturdy powder coated steel box.

MICRO Combispeeder with self-positioning ring end (loose)

NO 23 045 8mm
NO 23 046 9mm
NO 23 047 10mm
NO 23 048 11mm
NO 23 049 12mm
NO 23 050 13mm
NO 23 051 14mm
NO 23 052 15mm
NO 23 053 16mm
NO 23 054 17mm
NO 23 055 18mm
NO 23 056 19mm
NO 23 058 21mm
NO 23 059 22mm
NO 23 061 24mm

Inversible joint:Unbeatable in tight places!

Extremely compact exterior measurements for the various sizes (A + B). Moreover, very slender head.

Ratcheting function is ensured even when the spanner can only be moved 5°. The ratchet system with fine tooth drive is perfect in situations where conventional spanners cannot be turned!

New, completely encapsulated drive. With 72 tooth inner ring of special high alloy steel. Torque transfer capacity far exceeds DIN/ISO standards.