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Lathe System PD 400/CNC

NO 24500

Axle drive by step motors and recirculating ball spindles (to avoid reversal backlash). For facing and longitudinal turning, for turning balls, radii and any freely formed contours made of steel and non-ferrous metal. Workpiece machining is effected automatically by software and can be reproduced as often as required. Solid, heavy cast iron bed and ground "wide-legged" precision Vee guide ensure vibration-free working and optimum precision.

Complete with recirculating ball spindles, powerful step motors and the required limit switches, the CNC control unit, all necessary connecting cables and the software on CD-ROM.

Double roller bearing recirculating ball spindle paired with powerful step motor driven in microstep guarantee high machining precision and repeat accuracy.

The control unit as an interface between the CAD software and the CNC controlled lathe.

The CNC control unit is located in a solid aluminium casing and contains a micro processor and the output stages for the step motors.

It controls the step motors of both the axles drives and the drive for the main spindle using the PC data and, with two freely useable output relays, additionally offers the possibility to control an automatic cooling unit or signal display, for example. The installed mains supply circuit makes it possible to connect directly to the 220 - 240 V mains voltage. The data transfer from the PC to the control unit is effected via an RS 232 interface. All connecting cables required to control the main spindle, the step motors and the limit switches are pre-assembled and equipped with suitable connectors, and are part of the scope of delivery.

PC or laptop are not part of the scope of delivery. Minimum requirements for the hardware: Pentium processor with 400 MHz frequency (or comparable), high-quality graphic card (64 MB RAM) and at least 40 MB free hard disc storage.

Simple creation of workpiece geometry
When the program is started, the CAD window initially appears on the screen. The contour of the workpiece is created in the usual Windows® environment.

In the graphic, colour elements help to show the difference between lathe chuck, blank and designed workpiece. Comprehensive aids make it easier for the user to operate the program; in addition to use of the mouse, it also supports entry of co-ordinates (absolute and relative). It is possible to import existing files in the current data formats (e.g. dxf or hpgl).

Technology information is allocated to each character element. Various processing speeds and manual tool replacement are, for example, possible when machining the workpiece.