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Bench Circular Saw KS 230

NO 27006

The 58 mm diameter "Super-Cut" blade cuts soft woods up to 8 mm, plastics (Pertinax too) up to approx 3 mm, NF metals up to approx 1.5 mm. Fibreglass reinforced PC cards could be cut with the tungsten blade. The 85 W VDE tested motor is quiet, operates off 220 - 240 V and has a prolonged life expectancy. The side door allows easy sawdust removal. Overall size approx. 240 x 180 x 80 mm. Weight 1.8 kg.

Power transmission by toothed belt via ball bearing, housed in sturdy casing, ensures the right blade speed for the job (approx. 5,000 rpm) with a doubling of torque. Above all, it ensures good cutting depth.

A vacuum cleaner/dust extractor adapter assists a cleaner, safer workplace.

Technical Data:

  • Adjustable fence with scale.
  • Machined, die-cast aluminium table (160 x 160 mm).
  • Quiet, high performance 230 Volt VDE tested motor for prolonged use.
  • Base of ABS with a saw dust door on the right.
  • "Super-Cut" blade 58 mm diameter, 80 teeth, individually set and sharpened, is included.
  • Graduated mitre stop.