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Bench Drill Press TBH

NO 28124

The height adjustment is easily altered by means of the headstock lock lever.

The table features a ribbed base, milled work area with T-slots. The column is bright nickel-plated. Powerful, long life 220 - 240 V permanent magnet motor. The quill is driven via a belt and three step pulleys. This yields a torque multiplication of as much as 6x at the lowest speed. Geared quill feed for exact operations runs in ball bearings. Spindle with 1/2'' thread accepts the standard chuck, as well as the optional collets.

Technical Data:

  • 220 - 240 V motor.
  • Spindle speeds 1,080, 2,400 and 4,500 rpm.
  • Quill travel 63 mm.
  • Maximum drill bit size 10 mm, which is also the capability in steel.
  • The optional collets offer a capacity to 6 mm.
  • Throat 140 mm.
  • Useable table size 200 x 200 mm.
  • Column 45 x 500 mm.
  • Practical depth gauge with adjustable depth stop.