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NO 28192

Quick and reliable gluing of metal, wood, plastic (including plexiglass), glass, ceramics, stoneware, cardboard, leather, polystyrene foams and textiles.

The adhesive sets in about 2 minutes, allowing positional corrections which is impossible with instant glues. The 7 mm glue sticks are perfect for delicate work such as model building, toy and jewellery making etc. Sensitive mechanical feed ensures correct glue quantity delivery. Intregral stand positions gun on worktop when not in use.

Technical Data:
220 - 240 V. PTC controlled element for exact temperature of 200° C. Four glue sticks 7 x 100 mm and 3 interchangeable metal nozzles included in the set.

Replacement Glue Sticks - NO 28194
For metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, leather, cardboard, polystyrene/foams and textiles.
12 transparent 7 x 100 mm glue sticks for materials described above.