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MICRO Screwdriver MIS 1. Complete with 16 inserts.

NO 28690

With torque adjustable from 0.35 - 2.0 Nm. Quiet, light and with sensitive clutch. Used in electronic assembly lines, machine assembly and by model builders and clock makers.

The three stage planetary gearbox offers a reduction ration of 93:1, yielding the ideal speed of 200 - 250 rpm (depending on mains adapter used). The clutch is adjustable in the range 0.35 to 1.0 Nm in 5 steps. Tightening torques can be selected precisely. The six stage bypasses the clutch and yields approx. 2 Nm. An ideally positioned rocker switch provides on/off/reverse. Fibreglass reinforced NYLON lends high impact resistance to the housing. A Roehm chuck facilitates acceptance of all bit shanks, including 6 mm and 1/4". A 160 cm flexible cord ensures perfect mobility. The rear mounted metal hook is used with the optional balancer.

Available as a complete set, with plastic case and 16 bits (Chrome Molybdenum Steel).

Supplied in durable plastic case with 16 bits. We recommend the use of MICROMOT mains adapters (1.0 A, 12 V) with or without speed control.

Note for industrial use:
At torques below 2.0 Nm, the MIS 1 powered screwdriver is superior to tools powered by compressed air. And not only because of low energy costs. It works quietly and is cleaner (no lubricated compressed air escapes into the working place). And its highly flexible spiral cable makes the unit comfortable to use.

Technical Data:

  • Weight 375 g.
  • Overall length: 150 mm.
  • Torque adjustable from 0.35 - 2.0 Nm.