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MICROMOT Mains Adapter NG 5/E

NO 28704

In compact NORYL casing (recommended for transformers). With superior capacity of 5.0 A at 16 Volt no load and 12 Volt under load = 60 VA (DC). Master switch for turning off transformer without needing to unplug. Red LED indicates "ready". PTC protection against overload (plugged-in machine will not restart automatically). Modern design with storage holes for tools with 2.35 mm and 3 mm shafts. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tool at the ready.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 5.0 A at 16 Volt no load and 12 Volt under load = 60 VA (DC).
  • Primary supply 220/240 Volt.
  • Thyristor electronic speed control (with feedback) for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speeds.
  • 3 polarised sockets for MICROMOT machines.
  • 1 pair of sockets for standard banana plugs (4 mm diameter).

NO 28704 220 - 240 Volt
NO 38704 110 - 120 Volt

Note: The milling/drilling machine is not included.