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MICROMOT Mains AdapterNG 2/E

NO 28707

MICROMOT mains adapter NG 2/E. Very compact design. NORYL casing (heat resistant - a necessity for transformer enclosures). Red LED indicates readiness for use. PTC (Positive-Temperature-Coefficient) element prevents overload (and plugged-in tool will not restart automatically). Practical design with holes for storing bits. Foldable tool rest provides a secure place for keeping the MICROMOT tool on standby. Thyristor electronic speed control (with feedback) for adjusting bit speed to suit the job, as well as providing high torque at low speeds.

NO 28707 220-240 Volt

MICROMOT Mains Adapter NG 2/S

NO 28707 220-240 Volt
NO 38706 100-115 Volt

Exactly as NG 2/E, but without electronic speed control.